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UpgradesUpgrading to a new version of OS X is pretty straightforward. Purchase the latest version from the App Store and install it. Unfortunately an OS upgrade often goes wrong and the results can be the cause of a big hit in productivity or system downtime. Hardware upgrades are usually easier and safer to do but it is important to know what to put in to or on to your Mac. What is the goal? What type of upgrades will give you the best results, not just now but next year as well?

We love breathing new life in to older machines. We do not believe a Mac needs to be replaced every two years or just because it’s old it belongs in a scrapyard. Old Mac towers such as the G4, G5 and early Mac Pro’s make great servers or backup machines. Adding some RAM or a solid state drive will make most Macs run like (or better than) new! Just to list a few of the many upgrade options we support:

OS Upgrades – We can advise on upgrades and let you know if the upgrade you have in mind is a good decision. Your Mac may be too old/slow and may require a hardware upgrade too. Maybe the upgrade you want is not required for what you need the Mac to do. Your system may be in such a poor shape that an upgrade will result in data loss or a hard drive failure so a good backup must be in place. These days the App Store may make it look like an upgrade is a breeze but just pay a visit to an Apple Store after a new OS is released, you’ll find plenty of people at the Genius Bar that will tell you the upgrade did not go as smoothly as expected.

Hard drive upgrades – Need a bigger drive, a faster drive or additional drives in your Mac? We got you covered. Based on your needs we’ll recommend the best option. A Solid State drive is not always the answer, you may value capacity over speed. Your best solution might be adding an additional drive to your Mac rather than replacing the current drive. There’s a perfect solution for each scenario.

RAM upgrades – It’s been a while since 1GB of RAM was enough. Now you want 4GB at the very least just to run basic features and applications. Apple charges an arm and a leg for their memory for no good reason so we never recommend purchasing RAM from Apple. By using third party RAM you will not void your warranty, it’ll be much cheaper and the RAM will be equally reliable. We know where to get the best RAM for your Mac and we’ll be happy to save you tons of money!