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We’re here so you can say “It just works”

An apple product mostly “just works”, if you use only the apps that come with the system, never upgrade, never lose power, never have a hardware failure or Apple’s software code is perfect. Yeah that’s just not how things work in the real world is it. You install 3rd party applications, tinker with settings, lose power once in a while, install an update that fixes a lot of things but break several new things, get infected with malware and eventually évery hard drive fails, even the flash drives.

That’s not to say “it just works” can’t apply to your Mac or iOS device. With proactive monitoring, regular maintenance, update testing and more, you can get very very close.

Hardware breaks, data gets lost or corrupted and software has bugs. If that were not true, YourMacServices would not be in business. With our help though we can minimize, if not eliminate, the impact these unfortunate events have on your productivity and bottom line.

We Think Different

We don’t come in and start telling you how to run your business. We know why you contacted us, you’ve told us what you need and we’ll work with you to get you there. This hardly ever means ripping out the old and putting in all new, existing systems can be updated and new solutions that are needed don’t have to cost a fortune.

We Think Smart

Anything can be fixed if you throw enough money and equipment at it but does that fix the underlying problem? Finding the root cause of an issue to ensure it doesn’t happen again will serve you better and longer and rarely requires starting from scratch.

We Think You'll Love It

No suits and ties here. No formal talk and no jargon. We’re professionals with decades of experience that don’t feel the need to act like we’re the best thing since the memory foam mattress. We keep it simple, to the point and have a lot of fun doing it.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our work speaks for itself

YMS has been helping me for years. Setting up new equipment, troubleshooting issues, securing my business data and more. Remote assistance and maintenance are super convenient and a big help as I travel often. A one-stop shop for everything I need! Ricardo

I was turned down by Apple because my Mac was too old, they refused to even look at my G5 and advised me to buy a new computer. YMS took care of the issues and the Mac is back in perfect working order! Sure it’s an older computer but it does what I need it to do. Thank you for keeping me in business! Nicolas

My Mac was acting up, turned out to be the hard drive. YMS took care of the problem and thanks to an amazing backup system they implemented some time ago I didn’t lose a single file. Friendly, quick and there when I need them. Clear expectations are set in advance so I know how much down time I can expect (if any). You are now on speed dial 🙂 Lilly

We partner with the best

but still provide many options

Just because we partnered up with some of the best in the business, does not mean we force those solutions on you. We offer many alternatives and give unbiased opinions and recommendations on a wide variety of solutions. Unlike most in the industry, we find the best fit for you based on your needs, not based on our commissions.

So, why YourMacServices?

The lost art of troubleshooting

Of course we can replace hardware if it acts up or reinstall software that’s misbehaving. That seems to be the go-to solution for most problems these days. However that does not teach you or us anything useful. What if it happens again? Do we just replace or reinstall again, and again, and again?

If an issue arises whether it be hardware or software related, we find the cause, the solution and the steps to take to not have it happen again in the future. It’s a wild concept, we know but it really works!

Mac-first and Mac-focused

Supporting Apple products is not a side business or afterthought for us, it’s the core of our business. You won’t find a Windows-only support staff here with one person that happens to have a little bit of Mac knowledge. Apple trained and Apple certified is all we provide.

We stick to what we know best and that’s Apple products. With two decades of experience supporting Apple products in a range of industries from graphics to medical for business and consumer, we think we’ve got the hang of it. Don’t take our word for it though, have a look what some of our clients have to say.


Everything we do for you gets documented. From the network layout to server credentials, you name it and we’ll have it on file. This information belongs to you so we’ll make sure you have access to it at all times. This way, if we decide to relocate to Mars or if you decide to part ways for whatever reason, all your information will be right where it needs to be; in your possession.

Wide range of services

While our focus is on Apple products, of course it takes more than a Mac to make an office environment. We’ll support your network infrastructure, printers, scanners, servers and so much more too.
For more details on services we can provide, have a look here.